OLDS-Overhead Lowering...


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On the other hand, half inch double braid is super strong, I wonder if I would really use this for anything larger.
With short sections of rope in the system from BS to the load, a person might consider a stretchy rope, True Blue, Three-strand, PolyDyne/ Dynasorb. Especially if negative-blocking.

If you have a top-anchored BS (not negative-blocking) you can set it higher than necessary to incorporate more rope length into the system, for increased energy-absorbing stretch.


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The shape of the BMS BS might be easier to manipulate the rope remotely. Sometimes, I'm a good way away. If I'm rigging another piece from the same height, I just rig it midline, rather than advancing the rope all the way to the end, unnecessarily. With the BS's symmetry, you can do that.

Tom Dunlap

Here from the beginning
Me too!

I brought it to work for a few days ofnremovals. Made a couple of converts over from using a block and bollard

Tomorrow I'll be helping another coworker with a removalnusing the OLDS


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LoL... it's their cart software. They just put a ridiculous price on stuff when it's out of stock, so people won't put it in their shopping cart and then whine that they didn't know it was out of stock.