Ohio TCC - in Cincinnati, OH - at Zoo - 10/3/15


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The Zoo cooperation seemed excellent.
We had our own parking lot & entrance gate. Coffee, beverages & food were good and provided on time.
Each of 3 event areas had its own Zoo Emergency Response Tech on site !

During the morning, it sprinkled a lot, but it was not the bad downpour that some had forecasted.
By about 1-2 pm, the real rain bands were imminent.

Due to the incoming weather, plus the spread & setup of the Master's Tree (Elm), a consensus decision was reached to postpone the Master's event to a later date.
This was decided by the Top 5 Preliminary Winners (prior to the actual finishing order being announced), along with the Master's SetUp Team.

The Preliminary Results (in order):

Brian Griffith
Jacob Sauer
Justin McVey
Eric Moell

Ellie Vosler


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Check the score sheet !
Ellie Vosler is young, up & improving ! She qualified for the Masters.

After the WC, I asked her some rhetorical questions to suggest some improvements in her WC points.
She immediately had the correct answers ! ! !
(Most experienced climbers don't answer correctly !)
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Ohio TCC Master's Results - 10/16/15 Friday

1. Justin McVey
2. Jacob Sauer
3. Eric Moell

Ellie Vosler - Qualified to go to ITCC.

Brian Griffith did not participate.