Official ISA stance on the use of the CE Rope Wrench for European Competitions


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Attached is the official stance from the Head Office of the ISA concerning the use of the CE Rope Wrench (manufactured by ISC) for European Competitions. As stated, only the CE version of the Rope Wrench will be allowed for use within the European Union and EEC. Chapter outside of the European Union are not affected by this requirement and can continue to utilize the non-CE labeled version of the Rope Wrench.

To clarify, there are no changes whatsoever between the CE and non-CE labeled Rope Wrench devices other than the inclusion of the CE stamp on the CE version. Both units are fit for purpose when used according to the instructions outlined in the UIM.

(this file has been shared with permission from the Head Office of the ISA)



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I'm not sure I understand your point in posting this rich. Could you give a little more info on your thoughts. Also, does this mean that euorpean competitors in Washington DC will need to use the CE wrench?