Oaks in Toronto


The image is White Oak (taken last week as close up as I could get) with what look to be some sort of pink scale type bug. If you zoom right in you can see two large oak apple galls? sort of behind the leaves as well. Some of the leaves are completely chewed to the main ribs and others appear to be skeletonized? Looks like there is more then one culprit responsible for this damage. Does anyone have any thoughts on what type of scale (if that's what is) and/or what else might be chewing these leaves? Thanks! DSCF2007.JPG


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For those pinkish roundy things, I'd start with one of the oak Lecanium scales. The oak worm might be there too, but check out that scale.


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Oops! Looks like a bad call on my part. I defer to JD. Once again, the sort of error I'm more likely to make from a photo than from a sample.


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Winner winner, chicken dinner.

Sam, enough photosynthate has been produced for the rest of this season and the start of next season so it's no biggie.

If it's a major aesthetic problem for some reason, try to figure which chewing insect(s) is the culprit and find out when they emerge next year.