Notch extending pole saw.


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I started doing production line clearance. I'm not certed but we maintan our MAD. Lots of times I could finish a tree if I had a 20 ft polesaw. I wouldn't use a aluminum pole saw like a silky for obvious reasons, and the foam filled poles issued are to flimsy at 20 ft, but Notch makes a fiberglass/carbon fiber polesaw 20 + ft. How conductive would that be? It would never be used with in 10 ft of lines but it is line clearance work. Would the fiberlass/car on fiber be as conductive as aluminum? Thank for any help or advice.
As far as I remember, carbon fiber is conductive... As for cutting outside the MAD, yes it would probably be ok, but I bet your safety inspection wouldn't be pleased... but if what your cutting is outside 10 feet, I suppose the question of why you're even cutting it needs to be asked....

Also 20' feet of foam filled sucks should be well within your regular ability to use, that's only 3 sections, work on that upper body strength and courage mussels. 4 should be routine, 5-6+ on storm occasionally happens to
Thank you all for your time. Though I am a very experienced tree man. I find my self doing line clearance throu the forests of central Calif. I'm not ignorant of working near powerlines having down hazard tree removals most my life for Cema, and different burn scar programs over the years. I'm currently employed doing routine line clearance for a major power company throu a sub.
I wish they offered us some type of class. We have hundered of workers. They're hiring anyone who claims to be a climber.
I admit I violate my mad often in order to try and make my quota. I'm not stupid, but I am out of my element. That being said I'm not fool hardy or a risk taker.
So again thank you for your input on the notch. I'm going to stick with my foam poles.