North American Hands -On Climber/Crane Training

Some updates here for everyone.

We have 9 participant spots left, thank you to everyone who has signed up already!

We have several new sponsors of this event;

St. Pierre Manufacturing
New England Ropes
Cranes Aerial Truck Service
New Hampshire Arborists Association

Thank you all very much your support means the world to us!


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I would like to just take a moment to help paint the picture on what to expect ...

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Mark or Jim,

I've 3 guys anxious to sign up, but would like to know that we are expanding upon what we already know, and this is not too basic. Will you cater to the level of experience of the climbing group, and be able to challenge 3 guys who have significant exposure to the easy picks and tree removals, but wish to expand their knowledge?
I appreciate this question a lot. It is very hard for me to realize an experience level until we meet. That being said, I will say that this course is two full days (and a little extra) where we will spend time discussing all aspects of crane use. We will be side by side in the trees talking theory, rigging, measuring, cutting techniques, and little tricks for specific scenarios. This is the the most thorough and advanced course that I can imagine. One other thing to consider is that there will surely be plenty to benefit from just from experiencing the time to discuss things with fellow arborists from different parts of the world. I doubt that anyone will feel that it was not worth their time and money when all is said and done. Hope this helps.
As a registered particpant, Bill is a licensed (red seal) mobile crane operator with 35 years experience in tree crane removals and an ISA Certified Utility Arborist here in Ontario and wonders if there will be an opportunity to work with the crane operators. He would like to see how others are assisting in calculating weights and balancing loads and communicating with climbers. He is really looking forward to this workshop!
All participants will be in constant communication via 2 way radio headsets with the crane operator while climbing. We will also have plenty of time to discuss anything you would like while we progress through the day with operators, climbers, etc.
Sorry, It's James that is the particpant and Bill is the observer. We also use 2 way communication and are interested in learning and improving our work systems and hope that the crane operaters will allow Bill to interact. Thanks J
Im sure that we can work it out. Spectators will be relegated to a certain distances from the cranes/trees, but will have plenty of time to ask questions, and interact with everyone as well.
A little background info on this event, more importantly WHERE it will be held. Appleton Farms is Americas oldest CONTINUOUSLY run farm. It was a land grant from the King in the 1630's.

We will be helping to support this awesome NON profit site, by doing all tree removals free of charge. All materials will be 100% recycled, nothing will go to waste in a landfill.

Sharing knowledge with great climbers, and giving back to a great place that makes so many people happy, makes us happy to be a part of this event!


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I'm beginning to get a better picture of the class. I'll likely end up being the novice of this group. Looking forward to the course. Will the Best Management Practices be mailed to review before the course?