newbie arborplex blues

Just bought some rope a harness and some carabiners. I'm in a closed system...using my climb line for my hitch. I've tried a bunch of knots and I cant get my hitch from binding. I'm just hanging in my basement and my 225 lb ass is locking those hitches way too tight to break loose. does arborplex just suck that bad? what would you recommend?
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Get a Unicender...from one 225 pounder to another...

Honestly, at my size I’ve only ever had trouble with hitches binding up on me. It’s worth the investment to get a unicender, zigzag, or any other mechanical hitch.


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Welcome to the Buzz, beochie! Could you explain a little on how your rope is set up in the basement. Does it go over something and then connect back to your harness? Or is tied off at the ceiling?


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Scrap the Blake's and get some real hitch cord. You can buy sample packs that have a bunch of different type of cords. Tye double fisherman's knots at the ends to form an eye to eye hitch cord and try some different hitches. I've climbed when I weighed 150 up to 200 plus and I never liked the Blake's just for that reason. Eye and eye with any micro hitch tending pulley is well worth it


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That’s puzzling, it doesn’t look real tight, but it won’t move easily. Adding a little rope to the wraps at the bottom, and then massaging that slack into the hitch before descending helps. If in a tree, you can stand on a branch to do this. If in midair, pull on the rope above the hitch while pushing down on the hitch, or footlock the rope to unweighted the hitch.


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Try resetting the hitch like I described above before trying to slide it up.
Also go back to the 4-2 configuration, the 5-3 adds friction, which you don’t need.
A technique you could try is to have a long bridge between your harness and the hitch, but still be able to reach the top of the hitch. Push the hitch up, reach under it with both hands and pull up. Hold the rope with one hand while you massage the hitch with the other, and then push it up.