New Tribe Onyx Saddle, Carabiners, Rope, SAKA, and more - Lot

How is the waiting game going?

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It's going. Still waiting. Not really in a hurry. I may offer a small price break for the whole lot in a couple weeks, but I haven't decided on that that yet. Please help spread the word if you know of anyone wanting to fully outfit a new climber. Thanks.
I hope everyone had a good Easter. Price lowered to $1900. I'd like to sell everything together. Please spread the word if you know anyone needing a gear package.
Price lowered to $1800, including shipping to buyer within continental USA. I think that's a good deal for this package of high quality gear and I don't think I can go lower.
Good deal Indy Flyer. Thinking about it for sure. Same as you, I could use a lot of that but don't want to hassle with the other stuff trying to sell it individually....let me see what's going on over here.