new TM, not happy with center of gravity.

I've been climbing on a Weaver modded to have a rope bridge. Mods by me, nobody else uses it! My center of gravity is nearly to my crotch with good pull on the upper thighs. Feels good.

New TM... Center of gravity is much higher around belly button. The pull seems almost entirely around small of back. Already feel cramping in upper back just from about an hour of experimenting.

Any suggestions???


De' Island Buzzer
You need adjustments in hip/lowers Ds....when adjusted right and you are in suspension you should not tip forward or backward...tighten waist buckle ....leave leg straps loose but snug.....elastic at back shoulc be fully extended....this will wotk if you are a 33 waist ...6ft and 176 lbs...if not play play will get it...