New #SRT redirect system for tree climbing

So I think the idea has potential, and I love the innovation and bringing in components from other disciplines to make something for tree use. I don't want to discourage that process at all.

But the challenge I see in the current design is that my primary line does not stay loaded, I am constantly on and off the lanyard while the tip or redirect I am hanging on goes slack and gets jiggled around. My worry is that if your primary line is in a slack state, and that reel gets a little tug, then it could partially pull the pin and you might not notice until you load it and your redirect snaps loose.

You would need to find a good solution for that before I'm ready to hang on it, but keep going, and be safe.
Defiantly a work in progress!trying to eliminate the use of my tail to secure the redirect because you might not have a way to get all the way to the ground! If their is a better way to do this in all ears!

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I wouldnt hang myself on that to set up. The part of that shackle snap doo hicky that jams that rope in the figure 8 was never meant to be loaded like that. I bet you could come up with some creative safer alternative.
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I like the idea. You could always replace the shackle by capturing a bight of your tail and daisy chaining . It doesn't solve the issue of an accidental release (might actually make it worse on a short rope) but it would require one less piece of equipment and would require less rope than most techniques. Hmmmmm...the search continues!