New Lyme desease test


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@rico so I've been off of antibiotics for a couple maybe 3 weeks. Whilst on them I actually felt pretty good. Feel like my head got clearer and was able to really pick up my speed on the race track on my motorcycle because of a clearer mind. Anyways I started taking the cocktail and instantly felt like shit, anyways 2 weeks later and I feel worse if anything. Can't ride my mtb which is my favorite thing to do. Feel like I should quit the cocktail and try something else..

Other issue is I've changed a whole bunch of stuff trying to get my gut back in shape. No carbs or sugar other than honey in my coffee , eating kimchi like a fool and dirt and probiotics and allgea .

Would like to feel good again so any input would be appreciated


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How many drops are you taking a day, as the BioPure Cocktail is no joke. I am currently taking it and I can tell you that it can be more powerful than antibiotics. I am ramping up very slowly and am at 2 drops 2x daily. That fact that you feel like shit tells us that it is working, and unlike the antibiotic you took, the Cocktail will also kill some of the co-infections. Your system is being flooded with neurotoxins and inflammation (not good) from the die-off of the bugs. If it gets unbearable you should back off your dosage, or stop for a while. This is a war and not a race, so find your comfort level and try not to exceed it.

Be careful about going over board trying to rebuild your gut. There is a lovely thing called histamine intolerance/mastcell disorder that many of us lyme wing-nuts need to be aware of.

This shit is so multi faceted that we can't even begin to cover it all here, so Im gonna PM you my home phone #. If you feel like talking for awhile give me a shout.
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Stopped at the Lyme disease booth at NY State fair today. Bought the little tick remover, but they also had a kit (didn't get) that you can test the tick yourself to see if it is a carrier for lyme disease. I believe the cost was $15.