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Discussion in 'Training and Health' started by Merle Nelson, Jul 4, 2016.

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    May 10, 2008
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    I haven't been on here in months otherwise I would have said something... I was bit may 2008 and pulled tick out and threw it away.. At that time I didn't know anything about it. So i went untreated for little over a year. Then every 4 weeks since the bite I got new symptoms. Start off mild with flu-like then severe by closer to the year mark. Where I couldn't talk, walk, severe joint pain, couldn't write, severe anxiety, neurological symptoms, digestive, respiratory etc. It attack me everywhere. Massive headaches for 4 years straight. Light and noise sensitivity etc.. then I got tested and it was positive. Local doctor said 3 weeks of antibiotics will be all you need.. that wasn't the case. I ended up being referred to a Lyme specialist the best in the world. Extremely expensive but after 4 years of aggressive oral treatment 26 pills a day, 2 months of shots and 2 months of iv treatment. I am symptom free but from the massive amounts of antibiotics my stomach was destroyed and had to take 5600 billion probiotics to repair my stomach. I have been good since mid 2012. It's the worst disease in my eyes, can destroy people and kill people if left untreated. Test are 99% false negative. The lyme bacteria hides behind cells so it test negative most of the time. I have been tested 21 times and only 4 times tested positive. I also had bartonella, babesia, echlichiea, and mycoplasmosis all co-infections from ticks. Bartonella is the worst and way worst then lyme itself. A specialist is the only way to get better. And diet plays a key role. Gluten causes inflammation and sugar feeds Lyme bacteria. So as long as you feed it , you will always have it.
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    Great info for taking (possible Lyme contraction) seriously early on.

    My wife listened to a podcast about an actor, Kris Kristophison (sp) who was being treated for Alzhiemers (sp) for some extended period of time and doing poorly. Finally a doc tested for Lyme Disease - he was misdiagnosed all along. Started proper treatment and got much better quickly.

    They are thinking some percentage of Alzhiemers patients are just misdiagnosed Lymes.
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    Great post arboristdean! You speak the Truth and I hope everyone here is listening. I am glad you are feeling well and hope you continue to progress. Early detection (use Igenix Lab) and knowledge are essential in treating this disease. I have been dealing with lyme and it co-infections for almost 20 years. I have continued to fall timber and climb through it all, and have had multiple reinfections. If you live and work in a risky area your first line of defense is frequent tick checks. Anybody working in the logging or arborist industry really should educate themselves about this devastating disease. Lyme is the fastest growing bacterial infection on the planet (epidemic) and must be taken very seriously. Educate yourself!!!
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    Wow ..good read s .. glad y'all who've dealt are on the up N up .. stay safe out there.. I'm constantly checking for them damn buggers.. light colored clothes make it easier for myself to notice them at that point. Hopefully they don't get much past me picking them off my pants..

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