New Hampsha' TCC

The word on the street is that the NH TCC is returning in 2017. The plan is to make it bigger and better in true Live Free or Die style. Between the NE TCC and some great talks during the NE ISA tradeshow there is no reason that New Hampshire shouldn't have a competition. Early discussions will be happening soon and I'm really interested to see if the interest is what I think it will be.
Scott Knapp and I made an initial visit to one of the sites we are considering. We are ramping up the logistics, volunteer and sponsorship needs etc. and will be sharing more in the weeks and months ahead. It looks like another intimate and exciting comp in NH.


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@Keith Pancake: I am way too busy to compete in this! However, I do have crew and equipment available to help with pre-competition work. We would also like to help out in volunteering the day of as well. If you could just let me know what you need from me ASAP so I can get it into my schedule. We fill up fast this time of year.