New guy crane questions


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The only ddrt I do with crane work is riding they ball. Spar work is totally quick pulling the tail to reset position is super efficient for me and I use my rope to measure mill lengths. If it's a fatty I'll ddrt off the ball to reset or if I'm taking branches with the trunk sections. I do my absolute best to not leave stubs to catch the line on retrieval.
Steve, can you explain the measuring thing? That sounds a bit more useful than estimating diameter... Is your rope graduated with a Sharpie or what?

Steve Connally

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I use my body length. A sharpie would work and so would a stitch of yarn through the rope. 10'6", 12'6" ect I use it so I can send down mill lengths as long as we are inside the load chart. No need to send a log that has to be cut again to make it a mill log. The less we haul off the site the better. The loggers want specific lengths I don't use it for weight guess but I could. Usually just figure by the eye method