New England TCC - May 31st


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Forgive any misspelled names


Men, 1. Justin Donahue 2. Shane Lumbra (a local!!!) 3. Kyle McCabe

Women, 1. Marilou Dussalt 2.Bear Levangie 3.Marcy Carpenter

can't remember all the preliminary winners, sorry. Maybe someone else...

For all those holding their breath, I placed fifteenth over all, everyone can rest easy now:D

Both the second place winners will represent at internationals, I think both the winners were from other chapters.

Congratulations to all the great climbers.


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yes Mac that about sums it up!!! great day, great weather, awesome event! Shane Lumbra and Bear LeVangie will represent New England at ITCC! congrats to the both of them!!


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I had to leave immediately after the Master’s for another destination; so I did not hear the final results.

Justin Donahue currently lives & works in Hawaii.

However, he is from NE, flew in for the TCC & I think that he currently maintains a membership in the NE Chapter ? ? ?

Fabulous climb to get all 4 bells in 20 minutes ! (KISS-style)


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thanks for volunteering Greg! great to be able to put a face to the name. I appreciate your time!!

Justin won the masters but due to him being part of the western chapter, New England will be represented by Shane for the men. Justin did win Hawaii but he will need a win at the western competition to get to Milwaukee.

His climb was a pleasure to watch also!


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Doesn't matter if your a member or not. You must reside in the chapter area and work in the chapter area. If that was not the case then anyone could join any chapter and compete in all of them and win. that would not be fair.


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You have to be a chapter member in order to register for the competition due to ISA sanction insurance reasons. Correct??? At least that's what I've been told at CTPA comps.


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Some chapters allow "out-of-chapter" competitors, particularly if "in-chapter" competitor participation is low.
They could win the Masters, but just can not qualify for the ITCC.

Some chapters use Non-ISA insurance.