NEC-ISA Tree Climbing Championship


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Anyone looking to split lodging fees? Gonna book a room at the inn listed on the site, $150 a night, wouldn't mind splitting it as its just a bed for friday night.


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Jeff, I'll share a room. Ted is probably down with that too. I could bring an air mattress or whatever, we can save some $ this way. Right Ted?



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Its fine with me! I was planning on being an early bird and getting a good nights sleep anyways. Ill book it and you guys can let me know what you want to do!


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Well I thought I was as least going to be a spectator this year, but a death in the family has changed that. I was really looking forward to being there. I was at a training seminar with Kyle last thurs. and he just seemed to float around ( the makeshift ) tree. I can only imagine the talent that would be at this event. Good Luck to all who are competing.

On another note, I didn't get Kyle's (McCabe) contact info. If any one could pm me I would really appreciate it. I need to pay him for some gear he's ordering me.

Thanks, and again Good Luck!



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Weise, mccabe, kyle and justin donaghue and matt ......don't recall his last name. Pretty sure mccabe got himself a ride to ozzy. I had to hit the road in the middle of the womens challenge, but it was marcy, bear and melissa levangie in the finals. Good luck to them all.

Good times, even better company!

Disclaimer! I don't know who won for sure, just my guess!
Congratulations to Dan.W and Bear
Good luck in Australia !!!!!!
Great event I have a lot of fun at the park and of course at the bar,
Give me a few days and I'll be able to share the videos from the work climb.
I'm glad I will see some of u guys next weekend in ct to the rest see u next year,it was a pleasure.


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Banjo my man, No competition hey!! Those knee injuries suck!! There will always be next year.

[/ QUOTE ]

As soon as mine is better we should start training for next year. What do you think? AR Sundays? Work Climb Saturdays?
congrats to dan and bear!! thanks to everyone that helped put the event on despite being less then satisfied with my personal performance i still had an awesome weekend and made alot of new friends. thanks to all and hope to see you all again soon....maybe nh