Nature's food chain.


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Last August I worked on a diseased Sugar Maple. A couple of years ago it was a beautiful tree but it had been declining recently. It's in my in-laws back yard. Anyway, the crown suffered at first, then came the bugs. Just Nature, we thought.

I had just spurred up about 15ft when I came across this. I panicked, not realizing it was harmless to me, sprayed it with I donno.. brake cleaner?
Tremex columba:

We talked about it for a minute. Then I spiked back up the same tree minutes later and saw the weirdest thing I've ever laid eyes on. We thought the horntail was big, but its natural enemy is bigger.
Megarhyssa macrurus:

Food chain:
maple < horntail < giant ichneumon wasp.

Neat, as in "neature". just.. ew.