How ya doing everybody? Merry christmas! So how you started christmas? This year i aint skipping eny workouts on christmas. Started the day with some stair running:
3x every stair (about 70 stairs)
3x skipd a stair
3x jumps with legs together, skipd a stair
I did strength training today of just biceps, triceps and abs. Tomorrow I will do back and shoulders/traps. You?
Still on holidays. Actually cant wait to get back up in a tree. Spent most my workouts running and in outdoor gyms. Actually orderd myself a 6 month training plan to prep for a 5k race. It should last 20-25 minutes. Like a masters challange, makes sense? We'll see how it works out. So when i get back home my schedule will be 3x running, 1 strengh training a week, 1 rock climbing or strengh training. Hope ill can stick to it. We all know "everybodys got a plan untile they get hit". Some hard workdays may hit me... Today did a test run for the training plan. 2,7k in 12 minutes.
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Did some stuff at home today: 100 push ups, 100 air squats and 100 situps.

Iv been finding it difficult to stick to my running training plan. If the interval training or tempo run is after a rough day at work then its almost no sense of getting to the track. Ill have to listen to my body and do that stuff on lighter days.

The good thing is that im almost light as a feather :D
Started with sprint trainings couple weeks ago. Hope it will help my ropewalking in open ascent. Did 1,5km warm up run and some excercises, then sprints 3x50m (90% max pace) and 3x(max effort). Some running and stretching afterwards.

There was a old man, 80 and more years old, at the tracks. He was running his rounds. Did a couple and then rested and then again a couple rounds. I found it so cool. I hope im him in 50 years.

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Have you looked into PHA training? OMG you will feel super human after 2 weeks of that with 5km a day running! That’s what Sidor and some of the pro hockey guys do.
I did it for 6 months and wish I’d never stopped! I was training for a job that I never got ...long story. Anyhoo this client of mine is a fitness trainer for pro athletes and she got me doing PHA Peripheral Heart forget what the A stands for - old age! Anyway, it works real fast to get your circulatory system buff!

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Never heard of it. I'll go check it out now.
I pinky promise you will be hooked! Be careful though it’s designed to strengthen your heart and when people start they tend to pass out! The idea is to do 60 percent of your max there abouts in reps of 10 or so in circuits of say 10 or 20. Each exercise targets muscle groups as far away on the body as possible forcing the body to move blood from one end to the other.
The exercises are designed specifically to get rid of fat, not add bulk, increase endurance and increase aerobic capacity.

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Never heard of it. I'll go check it out now.
Go online and grab a workout program, try it for 5 days! I guarantee you will notice an improvement on your already chiseled body! My pro hockey player clients do it. Many of the best rock climbers in the world do it. It’s a results oriented approach to cardio strengthening using dumbbells, a barbell and a few weights and a step box of some sort. Very basic equipment.