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Ive been so busy lately with my new gig that can only hit the gym twice a week. my work schedule will hopefully smooth out soon.

Yesterday did this.

1 rep max power snatch at 145

21 95lb front squats
21 Toes to bar
15 115 front squats
15 toes to bar
9 135 front squats
9 toes to bar

andrus kokerov

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Did the heavy fran again today. Took me 14.30. Felt much better then the last time. Maybe because i dident climb that much today. Did some hedges... did extra toas to bar after the fran 15-12-9. Good to look at what i have done from here. Should get a diari for my training sessions again.
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Aint that too much? When i trained for strongman and powerlifting i worked out 5x a week.
Monday: squats and easy back excercises
Tuesday: benchpress and tritseps
Wednesday: deadlifts and legpress
Tuesday: incline benchpress and tritseps
Friday where frontsquats - my favorite excercise, a shame i dident get the 200kg frontsquat done (440pounds). Also easy back exercises.

That was hard. The reps where from 5x25 to 3x3 depending of the time of the year.

My squats improved most when i did for six week 5x25 - every week i added weight.

Then i started with 10x10, next week 9x9, then 8x8 and so on. Every week i added 10kg.

The reps on the small excercises dident change. Benchpress was mostly pyramide style (started from 12-14 reps and ended with 4 or 2). Worked the best for me.
Sorry for the delay in reply. When you were training for powerlifting and strongman you were much stronger than I am currently. You probably required a more diverse stimulus per lift in order to make progress. I myself am still at the point where a lot of volume on my main lifts with a few accessories thrown in is working well...

And a TON of food!


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today slow release squats,

185 lbs 3 seconds descent, 3 second hold at the bottom, explode out.
5 sets 5 reps

harder then you might think

followed by 200 meter sprint, 20 burpees x 2


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5 1 rep sets of deads at 375

10 min amrap
9. 225 lb dead lifts
15 toes to bar
21 double unders

Did 4 rounds and was just starting the toes to bar on the fifth round. Today i organized the garage and am drinking beer!


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What do most of you do for cardio? Mark plays hockey, that should do it (or do you do some extra?) What do the others do? Running, play ball, walk their dog?
Sprints are the best cardio to me , especially on a airdyne wind type bike . I could ride a bike or jog for long time without getting much results . Do some flat out sprints and see how you feel afterward , its taxing .

andrus kokerov

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Today i experienced again how much the mood can change your results in the gym. Its been rainin like for 3 weeks here and work aint going well thanks to that. So was in a bad mood today. Did some crossfit at home, diden time the Wod, just forced myself through the exercises...