MS201t vs T540XP


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i am just progressing into the world of climbing having been a ground worker for a few months. Wondering what people prefer in terms of a main climbing saw...stihl or husky?




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First, I’d hunt down a 200. If you can’t find one, I’ve heard the kinks are worked out of the 540. Anyone else know more? My 540 is an earlier model- it runs, but had to have recall work done. Since I bought my 200, though, the 540 sits.


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You guys still muffling around this....just buy a 201TC and advance the timing and bore the muffler. You will never want another climbing saw. so much better than those old ass 200Ts.....better balance more torque... runs cooler with mods...


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Having run alot of hours on both, I'd pick the echo 355. Super easy muffler and airbox mod and a retune and its a whole different animal. I prefer the ergonomics of the husky but no way I would buy another with the echo at half the price.


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Youll be happy with all 3 options I’d imagine.
Modding will void your warranty on all 3
Go try them out in person


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Anyone have stalling problems on an unmodded 201 tc? Mine cuts out at really annoying times but runs great otherwise.

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Anyone have stalling problems on an unmodded 201 tc? Mine cuts out at really annoying times but runs great otherwise.
Try resetting the mtronic?
Start it at cold start with brake off and leave running at cold start for at least 90 seconds without touching the throttle then shut it off. It's now reset.

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200t has higher rpms, but less torque than the 201. If both saws are slightly dull, the 201 will win. I prefer the 201 because I cut in the cold, and the 201 has better anti-vibe. The 201 is pickier with fuel type. I'm pretty sure why it got a bad name in the first place was because of people using 89 octane fuel with 15% ethanol in it. Also, not having to tune a carburetor is preferable to me. I have a 200t in my garage. It's honestly some kind of weird status symbol to me that I go out and look at sometimes, like a vintage car or something.

The husky isn't a bad saw. Like other huskies, it doesn't seem to be picky with gas. I didn't like running them in the winter with gloves, but I understand they have different handle sizes. All 540s that I have run have seemed just a little gutless to me.

The 193t out of the box is a 'toy saw,' but if you open up the muffler, it seriously becomes a little beast. Now that I think of it, most of the contract climbers that I know are actually running a 193 with the mod and just switching up to a 261 when they get to wood. I have one with the mod, and it cuts with the 201 to a certain diameter, before the torque of the 201 puts it ahead. I hate switching saws so I mostly run the 201, but on a large removal where you are making a lot of one-handed face-cuts (not that anyone would ever do that...), the 193 will save you a lot of wrist fatigue. You do have to keep it laser-sharp.

I haven't run either the ms150t or the echo 2511t, but I am going to purchase and mod the 2511t for fun, as I have heard some good things, and seen the saw myself. I've heard plenty of rave for the 150t, but I have a hard time with the price tag.

In short, there are plenty of good options, in my opinion. Just use good gas.


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better balance more torque... runs cooler with mods...
This is such an important factor.. balance & usability.. obviously power to weight too..

I just bought a 540 to much around with.. it's got the damn stumble issue i haven't hashed out yet..

But honestly, as much as i trash in echo saws, i kinda wish i bought that tiny one & sent it out for porting.. Obviously that's kind of an expensive route for a throw away saw.. but I've seen that thing go after modding & it seems pretty rippa for it's size & weight.. would be concerned about how long it lasts like that though.