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OK so who rides em? What ya got?

I used to race years ago, quit 22 years ago but my son has got the bug so I finally took him to the track. Thats him on a ninja 300 at NCBike



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I picked up a kx450f converted to a street bike and that thing has got me in love with the whole scene again....

This is me playing with a guy on a GSXR1000, he has a lot more power than me but my light weight bike can out handle his all day. Skip to 3 min mark Im the annoying kawasaki that keeps buzzing him in the corners



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Used to have a 1958 600cc Matchless - stolen. (only frame, motor, wiring)
It was all in pieces while I was doing custom paint on gas & oil tanks, fenders & helmet (purple flames w/ cobwebs over top on pearlescent base); handmade a custom leather seat; etc.
Sad part #1: Thief had no idea what they were stealing; couldn't buy replacement parts.
Sad part #2: I'd like to ride again, but my balance is shot.


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2002 Yamaha Warrior - pretty much stock, except pipes, computer. Recently changed intake over to ram air type, K&Ns and changed bars to risers with drag bars, all new cables. Very strong running performance cruiser, and a joy to ride as long as it's not a long trip. Great short trip, around-towner but anything over 300 miles I either change the seat to a more comfortable one that I had made from a stock seat frame/pan, or else I take a different bike.


Another pic my wife took in 2003 when the bike only had about 400 miles on it. Hasn't changed much, as I've really never had much desire to change more than a few things on it.
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@stang1911 do you ever do track days??

Im headed up to Summit this weekend, Jefferson Sunday Summit main on monday

Jeff I never really got the idea of a cruiser, on a bike I want to rip, if I just want to tool around give me a comfy seat, protection from the elements and a stereo!


I’ve haven’t done much on the track since kids were born. All my time and money is mostly for them now.
I sold my drz400sm last year and never got around to taking it to Jefferson. It seems to tight a track for the mini twin.