Midline base tie for SRT during aerial rescue event


At 50:00 minutes in to this video, Mark Chisolm sets a midline base anchor for his aerial rescue. The camera angle doesn't show exactly what he ties or how he backs it up. I presume he ties a double bowline.

Does anyone know exactly what he used or have another option that would work in this scenario? It seems like a great idea for the competition.



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My last couple chapter comps wouldnt allow basal anchors in the rescue event, not sure why. It didnt matter we all just choked it with an alpine butterfly instead


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I have never been to a comp, but I was just thinking that it probably has to do with the added loads. I am just hypothesizing, but could it have something to do with the fact that you are going up to rescue someone and with your load already doubled at the suspension point they don't want a chance of having 4 times the load if you happen to load your line with the additional weight of the climber you are rescuing. With a canopy anchor you still need to be mindful of loads, but it isn't as multiplied.