Meindl airstreams


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so I bought these boots hoping they'd last forever. I got them and they were stiff and heavy and I could barely get my hooks on correctly. After about 7 months I've fallen in love. It takes a wrench to tighten my hooks on them and I had to get used to their weight for pruning even though if I know I have a large prune the next day I wear my arbpros but as far as durability there is nothing like them. I filled in as a crew leader the other day and it was raining for most of the day but I wanted to complete my work. My crew,by ten a.m., Was complaining about being wet but I pushed them to keep going even though I was miserable too. At one o'clock my crew member said jack i don't mind being wet but my feet are soaked. And that's when it clicked that although I was drenched my feet were completely dry and still as comfortable as they were when I put them on that morning. If you have the money and work in an area that gets wet pretty often these boots will keep you going all day long


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I might try some Meindls. I've worn Danner Super Rainforests for about 6 years, but they keep jacking up the price. Same story though.... you get what you pay for and I haven't had wet or cold feet in 6 years either(y)


I loved my airstreams, replaced them and loved them again... but from what I see they're not available in the U.S. anymore

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There should be the new model, the Airstream Rock I believe out soon. If you do some digging they are available from some domestic sides.

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