May be a solution to Verticillium wilt!?


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May I give you guys some light into the devestating world of verticillium wilt?! A couple of years ago I planted an Acer Osakazuki in my backyard. It did’nt took long before I found drying and dying leafs on the small tree. Later in the fall I had to cut away twigs and branches due to verticillum wilt fungus.
Then just out of the blue I remembered a natural disseffectant I’ve been using for treatment of cold, stomac flu, candida etc. Its more of an natural antibiotics and its called Colloidal silver.
You can probably find it in a well sorted health shop.
Well, anyway, since it works very well on fungus, virus and bacteria I thought it was worth a try to use it on my verticillium wilt infected japanese maple.
Colloidal silver is a water like medium with a concetration of silver ions in it and silver is and have always been a remedy for bacteria, fungus and some viruses.
I thoroughly watered my maple with a mixture of colloidal silver and water (5 tbs/ 2.5 gallon water) the following spring and to my surprise that summer the japanese maple never showed any sign of verticillum wilt :)

I haven’t done this treatment on any other tree yet but thought this information was worth spreading.

Cheers! :)


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Metals are toxic to many microorganisms but if uptake was fungicidal, not saying it did, wouldn't it then also kill any mycorrhizae or other endophytes within the plant?

Don't recall reading about metal uptake inhibiting vert wilt or other vascular pathogens. Innoculation with other microorganisms could be a more promising avenue for diseases of this type.


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I hear that concern about phosphite but imo mycorrhizal fungi have too many adaptation strategies to worry about some theoretical loss.


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Agreed there as phosphites are fairly limited fungicidely. A more broad spectrum product such as propiconazole may be more concerning.

More of a response to a potential troll than anything else.