making an old crane remote controlled


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OK due to the ever increasing difficulty in finding good employees I am at the point where making my crane remote controlled is becoming very attractive. Found this system

seems like it covers most of the bases except I need to know how much tension I have on my line. Easiest way I can figure is having a camera on the LMI display and a display on the remote. Cant find a bluetooth deal that will reach out to 100' reliably so I ordered this

So any input??


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No experience with that system but it looks really interesting. If you find out anything please post up.
We tried something very similar to what your considering several years ago. They worked great out of the gate but within 3 months the plastic gears started to wear out. If you already moved forward something else you need to know they need to push and pull in a straight line.

Your best bet would be go back to the crane manufacturer to see if they offer anything.