Making a universal oiler work on a sthil 024 av


A few years back I sent my saw to a guy that went by the name of stinkbait. Or at least I think that this was his name. He put a oiler on my 024 AV. It looks like to make to oiler work the top of the worm gear needed to be reamed out so that the clutch would tighten down on the brass sleeve that goes inside the worm gear. Also when the clutch bell was replaced it looks like a tiny extension was welded on that would engage the worm gear drive link. This extension is not quite long enough so the worm gear drive link was bent up a little so that the clutch bell would drive the gear.

Well my saw quit oiling as much as I wanted so I took things apart to replace the worm gear and the oil pick up line. When I did this I noticed that the oil pump had loosened up and this was probably causing the oil leak at the oil pick up line. This probably affected the oil flow because it is a suction pump and it will suck air much better than oil. The worm gear looked good except for the reamed out part of the inner sleeve. I decided to just tighten the pump and to bend the worm gear drive up a little more because the clutch bell was slipping past the worm gear drive.

I am not complaining at all about the work done on the saw. This design change is going to be great because I am no longer having to use a sthil oiler which cost more than some cheap saws.

My question is has anyone done anything like this to change out their oiler on their 024 av? Is there anything else that I need to keep an eye on to make sure that things are working correctly?