lurking women, care to introduce yourselves?

Merle Nelson

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Welcome Kristin. I am male and don't see a ton of female activity on TreeBuzz, sadly for that segment of the population. But, I find this site to be respectful to all that approach it in the spirit of love of climbing and learning.

Keep coming back, search out the topics that most interest you - there are years of education on any given thing in the form of archived conversations.

I will incourage a woman who works with me to sign up and jump in. She happens to be close to your age, loves tree work, and is newer to climbing too.

Again, welcome.


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I had no idea about this site when I got into tree care but unfortunately my first experience in my small area was a group of hacks so my first year of learning has been a little stunted lol. I didn't learn anything of significance, other than from the tree climbers companion, until I met Jim a few months ago and he has since then shown me these amazing avenues of learning.

Merle Nelson

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Hello good to see more women out there
Ha, well welcome Amber Jones. With your thirst for knowledge and more understanding I suspect you will absolutely love this place.

For both you and Kristin above (as well as all of us) you may not have someone right around with your same focus for learning at one particular time but with TreeBuzz it is much easier to be in touch with someone. And this goes all the more for opportunities to learn from others and opportunities to share what you're good at with others.

Congratulations on beginning a whole new adventure.
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Hello, my name is Kristin Hammond, I'll be 30 this year. I'm from Tahlequah. I'm fairly new to tree care, have been in it a year now but I've been hooked since day one. I've started climbing now and couldn't imagine doing anything else.
And she's a darned good climber for her skill level!
Hoping to see her grow her experience and skill, as a teammate as well as part of the 'Buzz family!


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@KristinL; @Amber Jones; A big welcome to both of you to the TreeBuzz forum! I think you will both really like it here! I know I do!

Be sure to use the search utility to find a bunch of great old threads on any subject relating to tree work. The library of older threads is just sitting there, waiting to be explored. Best wishes.