Looking for Fundamentals of Gen Tree Work


I am looking for a copy of Gerald Beranek’s Fundamentals of General tree work. I know its available on educated climber for sale in pdf form. Much easier for me to read it from a book. Let me know if you have a copy you’re willing to part with.


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Good luck. When they do come up for sale they're pretty pricey and go quick!
You could always have the PDF printed out by a local printing place for a few bucks


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PDF is probably the best option ... if you do happen to find a paperback copy the luck fairy is smiling upon you

Tom Dunlap

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My hardcover, signed copy from 1/28/87 is keeping company with Toss, Blair, Thoreau, Jepson, Silverstein and many others.

I can’t recall what I paid for mine at the Kansas Arborist Association meeting that year. It seems like buying a case of them and letting them age like wine might have been a smart financial investment.


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I just gave mine to a new 1 year climber to digest. It was falling apart...glue probs. He fixed it. If the money is right it can find it's way to you. I am not sentimental.


I know this is a silly question but, am I missing any parts of the story by purchasing the digital copy? Reason I ask is because I thought there were a few editions printed.

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Really can't stress enough what a great book it is. It's like you get to pick the brain of a legend who's seen it all. It's not aimed at loggers specifically, any arborist will learn something as well, I promise. If you can't find a hard copy, the download should be every bit as good. Alot of work went into making the pdf version, I'd be surprised if they missed a single word.


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As far as I know the pdf version from educated climber is identical to the book. Patrick went through a lot of headaches to make it happen. I doubt he skipped anything. This book is great. I was twenty years in when I got my copy and I picked up a ton of little tid bits.