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Yeah, there was this one time the guys was packing the gear down to this cross country line and we stumbled across a cash crop lol. And the ol boy was threatening to shoot us. So we made a deal to were we wouldn't say anything if he hooked my boys up. So we got to the line and trimmed it out and nothing was ever said. No one was a snitch and everybody was happy.
How y'all doing? I have a question and I'm sending a picture of my hard maple it has a fungus and I'm just worried about it and would like to know if anyone could possibly tell me what it is ?

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I'm still a beginner at figuring out how to
communicate through this interweb, but
I was really concerned about my tree . Thanks again for the info!

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It's a new version of the software all together. And it required updated server software to match it. We also had to comply with new security certificate restrictions. Hope you all enjoy it. Please let us know if you see any bugs.


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On a phone, it's hard to zoom on a thumbnail pic. Takes you all the way in rather than zooming in a little at a time.

No other bugs that I've noticed