Login Here When Viewing The Forums Because....

Still frozen as tight as a mouse's ear here fellas! I guess I'm not smokin the same stuff as you guys.:)

I'm out a here , see you later.
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Nope I'm good on my end. I'm a member on about 10 other sites and they're all lightening fast.
But getting on here this time seems to be a bit faster.....
Just tried again super super slow. Not frozen though!
Maybe my problem is I got paid piecework rate all my life while earning a living with a saw. Every second and saved step counts
If you stay logged in you get many benefits. The biggest benefit is the site will notify you in the top right corner of any alerts that you have. It will tell you when someone replies to one of your posts or likes any of your comments. It will bring you right to where the new posts start in any thread that you've been watching. You can "follow" a member here and that will allow you to see what they post. You can "watch" a thread and get alerts about that as well. You can also see hidden forums.

It makes it easier to not waste time looking through old posts and brings you up to speed quickly! Log In Now And See!!!:rock:
Will do, thanks!
Thanks bud. Yeah I have been in tree work for 15 yrs. But I have really been focussing in residential tree work for the past 5 yrs. I was in utility clearance before.