Local guy cuts leg. Bad.


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Don't have .any details but here ya go:
Local guy a working for a sketchy company (owner is a nice guy but the help amd equipment is real sketch) was cutting a tree that was on the ground, not sure if it was a big top or they flopped the tree, decided he needed a ladder to buck some stuff up. Well, he was cutting and then somehow caught his pant leg with the chain which pulled it right into his main artery in his leg.
Med flight and desperate attempts kept homeboy alive. But there will be more struggles. The dr.s pinched the artery so he wouldn't bleed out but this has led to an issue. Poor guys leg is now dying. Because of concern s with it unpinching and him bleeding out as well as losing leg function completely, this guy will likely lose his leg up to his hip.
I don't care about if he's a piece of dirt, or if the company is a hack, whatever. I can't help but feel awful for this guy.

Grim post for thanksgiving I suppose. But his misfortune has been in my mind a lot. Enjoy your holiday folks, and when we get back to what we REALLY want to be doing, stay safe!


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Hopefully he'll somehow recover to regain some semblance of function. But I can't help but think, when will we get it?
I've decided in the last two weeks that I want to shift my.career goals to training, I just have no idea yet what that path is. But I'm doing it. My area has work, people out there doing it and some very well, but I think there is. Limited exposure to training and minimal investment because there isn't enough locally that is "convenient" enough to send employees to. I want to try to create something locally. It need a to happen and I want to be a part of it


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Yes, look at the training grants and work with companies to apply for the grants to fund the training. We did a session with Mac Swan. We will be looking to do more.


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That sounds awful. Godspeed to the young man. Hope he can adapt to his new condition quick. Possibility of losing a leg thst young is life changing for sure.
Scratch, I really doubt it.

CutHighnLetFly, a year later, do you know if he did end up losing his leg? Outlook was grim I understand, but some surgeons can practically work miracles.
Have you put any of your plans of local safety training into practice yet?


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So no updates on left guy. I never heard much else about it after the initial accident.
As for my interest in training, now that I'm self employed I have the freedom to go to more training demonstrations and got to be involved with some. I'm working on trying to find entry level ways to be around quality instructors as much as I can to try learn how to communicate a clear, palletable message to the general tree guy public.
Last week a guy two towns over managed to get his leg in an 18" bandit up to his knee. Another life changed forever because of a bad decision. Education is still needed, so I'm still aiming to be a qualified trainer.
Curious about whether either guy was wearing chainsaw chaps. I use mine almost any time I've got a chainsaw in my hands. I wonder, though, how well they work. I don't want to find out the hard way!