Line Clearance

Mark Chisholm

Alright guys, I was just having a little fun. Truth is I was here to do line clearance for the NEW lines being installed here. If you look at the photos, you'll also see an existing spacer cable to the far right in the shots. Those wires are hot and will be moved to the new poles down the road.

What you see me messing with were ropes that are used to attach the new wires to and yanked into position.

Click on the attachment and you'll see the setup. The connector they used to hook the cables and yank 'em got stuck in one of these pulleys on a pole down the road. They didn't see it and bent the pole halfway to the ground. They had to stop everything and decide whether they need a new pole or not. A little frightening.

This was good practice for real line work.



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What are the xarm braces made from?
They look like wood with metal inserts from here.

Mark Chisholm

You're right Kevin. They're actually pretty nice lumber and seem well built. The one that got yanked over never failed yet it was on a 45* angle (almost).