Lateral Disc Herniation

So over the summer in July 2015 I was digging a trench with backhoe. It was all sand, was digging to put waterline in. Anyways I jump down in hole to measure the depth right up against the house and my employee was holding top of measuring tape and as he stepped closer the sand caved in on my back. I had some pain for awhile but nothing really major til about December 2015... Mainly running bigger saws out of the bucket truck.. So since I just had tendon surgery I decided to have a mri on thoracic spine and it says : small left lateral disc herniation at t8-t9 without impingement on the cord". I decided not to go to a specialist for this since last time I went for my bulging disc in lumbar spine it was a useless visit and just did therapy. But thinking I need a cervical mri also since more pain is that area... Any suggestions on therapy, chiropractor etc? Or any other treatments for this condition? Thoracic is one of the harder spots on the spine to damage but I did.. I already have chronic lyme disease so can't have cortisone shots or else it will suppress my immune system.


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Chiropractic care worked for me up until I reinjured my back last year and the disc started impinging my sciatic nerve. Had to go in for surgery after that and now I'm as good as new. My suggestion, start with chiropractic care coupled with a lot of stretching and see how that works out. Good luck


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I've heard acupuncture worked well for someone I know with similar issues. It's worth a shot. We have a Community Accupuncture location nearby with excellent service and very affordable cost.
Think I might try the acupuncture after I get my cervical results back.. The cervical hurts worst then anywhere else. Pain down the neck to the left shoulder and tricep. Stops there. Guessing pinch nerve or disc herniation or both.


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I recommend an upper cervical chiropractor. That is the only kind of chiropractor that made a difference for me. Slow stretching helped me a lot too.

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Suggestions? Yes.

Knowing that I will sound like a total ass at first glance....

Define your outcome at least as well (if not better) and as quantifiably as you can define your bodies 'issues'. Then go after info/suggestions that can take you where you want to go.

Yep, as I thought, I sound like I'm being an ass....


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I have a herniated disc in my neck. Shiatsu and deep tissue massage works really well for me. Stretching helps a lot in between those.
Started going to chiropractor today.. and she order a mri of neck said definitely a issue with c6 & c7. She massaged my neck felt great but hurt like a bitch too. Will see what the results are in a few weeks. I know it's not good.