Large Thai tree


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Went to Thailand and was very impressed by this massive tree. Very old tree next to a temple. 4 had been planted at the corners of the temple and this one was probably 8' across at the base and nearly that for the entire trunk until the first branches. Any idea what this tree is?


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I think it's a Dipterocarpus, probably D. alatus, called ton yang. Where is this wat, in the north of Thailand?


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PM me about your Thailand trip, and did you have any other tree Hahng Nok Yueng1.png Mating_elephants.jpg RAINTREE.png experiences? You didn't go elephant riding did you? That can be dangerous.


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Just saw this tree myself. At Wat Chedi Luang in Chiang Mai
And yes it seems like Dipterocarcus Alatus like you mentioned F2655042-D6F5-4BE3-B2DA-D743A61D7050.jpeg