Lanyard: Snap or carabiner

Snap or Biner

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This sounds like something that has probably been kicked around, but a quick search didn't turn up a specific thread...

Time to make a new lanyard. I've use my ISC Swivel triple action snap on the last 2. It is time to replace that. I see the ISC Twister carabiner as well.

I know snaps are the 'norm' on a lanyard. Sure, they are a little easier, but one hand opening a carabiner is pretty simple.

I will be using a swivel (have been without - don't wanna go back). ART Positioner (with swivel) on the other end...



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The new ball locks by petzl are nice. No upward or downward motions, and after a few days, you won’t even think about it. (I say new because they have been updated from an older style, and are far superior.)


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Depends?! Snap on steel core, crab on the rest
Those isc snaps are kinda POS.. not worth the money. Crap jams them, and the locking mechanism jams up and can be a pain in the ass. Almost called for the bolt cutters cause I couldn’t get the f-Er to open


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I've never had a problem with a full on jam, but as it ages, it isn't cleanly snapping shut every time. That is why I am replacing it. If others are having problems, perhaps I'll go with the carabiner.

I'm going to use a swivel snap or swivel biner, so not a lot of options (especially for the triple action snap...whole 'nother discussion). I just splice it onto the lanyard...


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I like the profile of the DMM Shadow on my CE lanyard. Slips though the crotches easily on retrieval.

The ORCA version of Rock Exotica RockD is handy at times. Set it to unlocked then snap it on without fumbling.


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I like the aluminium ct rope snap. Double action, no swivel. Maybe I'm just really accustomed to them, but for me they are the perfect weight to get a good swing around a trunk without being too heavy where they might hurt my catching hand, like a big steel snap, and not too light like a carabiner where they have too little momentum to swing nicely around a big trunk.


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I love double locking snaps. ISC or now Edelrid. Must be maintained like all hardware. 3 in 1 dry lube works mine. But to each their own. I have had numerous. No sticking. Even with sappy trees.
I love my double snaps for tree work. Carabiners are also pretty versatile. I have a combination of different lanyards depending on what I’ll need it for in that specific tree

Double snaps are not allowed in comps though so I have a separate comp lanyard with a triple on it.


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Ordered yesterday from Tree Stuff. The ISC Twister was in a box of goodies when I got home today. Opens one handed as easily as any other 'biner. Maybe easier because you can use the swivel part to rest your hand on. I'll spice it onto a lanyard sometime soon. Gonna try Tachyon. I've had it for climbing rope and liked it - should make a good lanyard too...


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I went with an 11.5mm because the ArborMaster I have the Positioner on now slips a little. I think it may be the texture/finish of the rope? Hoping for better results with the Tachyon. I thought going thinner may cause less grip.


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I went with an 11.5mm because the ArborMaster I have the Positioner on now slips a little. I think it may be the texture/finish of the rope? Hoping for better results with the Tachyon. I thought going thinner may cause less grip.

*useless info*

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Snaps, if not just for the more solid throwing weight.
>>Also prefer longer adjustable lanyard to right D, so left is snap D side.
Throw lanyard around vertical to boomerang back to left hand, snap-in, go etc.
Throw around under branch standing on catch with left, deft snap in pull on right to shrink lanyard while legs are bent.
>>Then tighten legs partially or fully against lanyard for some stability as 2ndary support in pinch, can be tiring position/timer is ticking in head to move cleanly and quickly if legs locked hard etc.!
Also , throwing lanyard overhead support easier to tease/flirt the rope around to break frictions enough to let snap weight pull line back to you.
Better for swooping lines to you, drawing leverage on a tightened line overhead etc. also.
Snap easier to push thru dense brush.
i do prefer aluminum tho, less risk of denting coconut or even breaking nose bridge etc.
Oooops work time...


Everything is heavy enough if you have a thimble loop klemheisted right up to it.
I like a boring old ultra O, just because that is what I have used for all sorts of things for years. I can operate them mindlessly with either hand no matter the circumstance.