Kask helmet clear face shield scratching easily?

I am thinking about getting a Kask helmet. I like my current helmet's mesh face shield but was thinking about the Kask's clear or smoked shield. Seems like they would get scratches very easily by just riding around in the truck. Anyone use one?


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Don't let it "just ride around in the truck".
Let it ride in at shirt, nestled in a jacket, in a cardboard box that holds lots of random stuff in the truck.

It protects ear muffs and Senas.

I'm on my second shield in a few years, maybe 4.

Not a big deal, if cared for.
What worries me is the appearance that the plastic shield does not attach in the same fashion as the mesh shield. If you scratch it up right away and decide that the $60 rate is too much for a short lived shield, it does not appear that you can mount a mesh shield on the same helmet.

As a long time motorcycle rider, I don't believe that a plastic shield can hold up to climbing abuse let alone bouncing around in a truck. Even very high end motorcycle helmet's shields would not hold up despite the similar claims of scratch resistance. Woods dirt riders (I am one) use goggles, or google with tear off lenses for this very reason.

Come to think of it, there are goggle "quick straps" that make it really easy to take goggles on and off. This should be adapted to climbing helmets somehow. The lenses for my woods goggles are $8 each and tearoffs are a dime each.

Not that you asked, but I'd use $2 safety glasses for the occasions you want a lens and use the mesh the rest of the time.


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I wear glasses and a shield.

Eyes cost WAAAY to much.

Expensive ropes wear out, expensive trucks wear out, expensive everything wears out. So what?

Your customers need to pay the price for your safety gear, not you.

I don't throw anything in the truck. Take care of your gear, it takes care of you. Buy new gear when needed.

If I go through a pair of gloves every day or three, it's because they protected my hands. Great. Give me more.

If the shield is getting scratched in the tree, great! Better than your eyes or face.



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I started with mesh and they get just as banged up if the helmet is tossed into the truck and left to bounce around. Now, I climb with a Kask and the shield over my prescription safety glasses. Think that shield is expensive when it gets scratched, try $400 for the glasses!

My helmet gets bounced around and scuffs up against plenty whether it's on my head or in the truck. Scratches are minimal and really not anymore a distraction than the mesh is visually. You'll find plenty of the stuff you're trying to keep out of your eyes builds up on a shield, mesh or plastic. That's the point of them, right?

And Sean's got it right. We have consumables that need to be replaced on a regular basis. Calculate what the cost is based on their life cycles and add that to your operational overhead so the replacement cost is accounted for in your estimating just as any other variable cost is. That way, you're not penny pinching.


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I've had the mirror visor on the Kask for about a year. It did scratch extremely easily. Also any little bit of oil ruins the mirror effect. It has spots all over it now.

But I am one of those guys who just tosses it in the gear box, so I blame me. Also, I'm strangely not bothered by the scratches yet. Plus, with visor and earmuffs down I totally look like Maverick from Top Gun.
Had my kask for 5 years. 2 visors I've gone through. I keep my helmet in a safe spot in the truck though. Safety glasses cost $5 bucks but how many of those do you go through or lose or just forget them one day. Kask visor is always on your helmet.
I was looking at the Kask Zenith. Kinda have an appeal to the full face air vent shield. Maybe it won’t fog up as much?
I have had the petzl Vertex for that last few years. Totally dig it. Fits good. But willing to try something else.
Only concern I have with the kasks is that I have heard they sit lower on your brow. I wear prescription glasses, so couldn’t imagine something pushing down on them all day.

Anyone else wear specs constantly? How’s that kask sit?