ISO/WTB Rope Wrench, Big Shot

Well, no shit buttercup. Of course I know how the internet works. I was just looking for somethingthat might be a bit cheaper before pressing go on new stuff. obvious cat.jpeg


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Very true. I retract my earlier statement. Thanks for your help Tim.
No worries, I have fairly thick skin. I didn't get it from @swingdude, though. I thought your poster was fairly hilarious. Nicely done, finding that and figuring out how to include it in your post.

I realized I was being a bit of a wise guy, but my real goal was to generate some activity on your thread, as it seemed to be just sitting there with no responses. Sorry if it offended you, but I think your response means that you'll fit right in here on the Buzz. Especially with @JeffGu. Welcome to the TreeBuzz forum, just in case I haven't already said it.