International Arboriculture Summit - Hong Kong


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This is the 10th anniversary of the International Arboriculture Summit.​

Hosted by the Institute of Arboriculture Studies (Hong Kong) and co-organized by the Institute of Vocational Education, the theme of this year's summit is:

Additional educators include Dr. Rich Hauer, Mark Duntemann, Dr. Linda Chalker-Scott, Dr. Duncan Slater, Dr. Brian Kane, Frank Rinn, Dr. Giovanni Morelli, Dr. Kathleen Wolf, and Peter Macdonagh.

The 3 days will consist of 11 internationally acclaimed speakers, dozens of topics, 35 hours of potential CEUs through lecture and field training. Topics will be related to tree risk assessment, tree biomechanics, tree health care, technical diagnostic methods of assessment, tree pruning, tree support systems, human health benefits, and much more.

Summit Venue: Institute of Vocational Education - Shatin Campus, HONG KONG
Convenient location near the MTR (Mass Transit Railway)

Who Should Attend?

Each year, we are pleased to have attendees from all around the Asian region. This includes individuals from both government and private sectors – tree and forest consultants, landscape architects, city planners, environmental managers of the construction industry, forest researchers, arboriculture educators, landscapers, private business owners, arborists, urban foresters, and government staff of various levels and countries.

If trees are a part of your passion or career, you should attend.

Come take an "Eduvacation!"

For those attending from abroad, hotels are available nearby. We encourage you to come and experience Hong Kong meanwhile attending the conference to learn from some of the greatest educators of the arboriculture industry!

What to Expect at the Summit

The summit will consist of both indoor lecture and outdoor field training. Lectures will be supported by powerpoint slides. There will also be plenty of time for question and answer as well as networking opportunities. For field training, groups will go outside to view and discuss trees on the campus. IVE has a few hundred trees, so the lecturers will have many real examples for discussion and interaction.

IASHK Mission

Like a tree, Arboriculture Methodology is constantly changing and growing. Researchers, educators, and experts from around the world work together to test new theories and new practices and to disseminate these new findings to arborists around the world. The purpose of the International Arboriculture Summit is to help present those new practices and technology together with the core fundamentals of arboriculture to the arborists within our region, so that we all may grow together in our own understanding and practice.

The website includes all the details - speaker bios, lecture abstracts, summit schedule, hotels nearby, transportation instructions, and of course registration (online and offline options are available).

IASHK was founded by Don Picker and Jon Picker in 2008.