Infected trees


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just looked at a job to remove 11 small ornamental trees that are all infected with this stuff. They said they are some sort of plum. The leaves are all reddish now and all have small holes in them.

I'm mostly wondering as far as running this stuff through my chipper and then dumping it in my wood yard and spreading it around.

All other trees on the property are healthy.

Thanks, Mike



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Yep. Black knot.

I can't imagine you are going to spread the pores further than they already naturally disperse... that disease is everywhere around here. You will be composting it, so I don't imagine there is an issue.

The holes in the leaves are unrelated. Depending on what those holes look like...Japanese beetle if I had to bet without seeing them. Planting an ornamental plum then acting surprised about Japanese Beetles and Black knot is kinda like buying a Fiat Chrysler and acting surprised about the amount of time you spend at the mechanic... It is just gonna be there more often than "knot".


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Thanks guys. I did talk with the county extension and he didn't seem too concerned. He said just keep the chips on a separate pile and don't use them for anything, and ideally cover them with dirt.


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Pruning it out and sterilizing might have been another option. Not always the best option, but an option nonetheless.