I miss seeing our 'joined date' under our avatars in our postings.


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Says April 12, 2002 when I go to your avatar
Good to know that - I was missing the location more than join date. Especially when somebody asks about a species ID or pest problem, it is good to have some idea where we are talking about.

Of course, the downside of this: It forces me to pay attention to avatars where I otherwise generally ignore them. Thanks to you, I may never be able to look at a square cheeseburger the same!:LOL:
Hi guys, It was a really informative day at 'Quail Botanical Gardens' today! Mike Raupp, Ph.D. was awesome! Although I do not do PHC, the workshop really opened my eye's, so glad I got to go, also I got these! book1.jpg book2.jpg