Hurricane Watch: Florence


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Hope to use this thread for updates and information on Florence for those that are in it or chasing... I doubt I'll be going as we are too busy here..
Wednesday morning they are talking about 24"+ rain, so there is going to be a lot of flooding. Stay safe and come home in one piece...


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Sitting in Asheville waiting for landfall to decide to respond, depending on how far it comes inland, or keep heading to Pittsburgh for my gig with Horhut Tree Experts. So, if anyone is looking for help I'd be interested in talking. Over the years I've worked out a good system of dealing with trees on houses that works pretty good in areas you can't get heavy equipment into or reach with a crane...gimme a


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Dodged a bullet; missed out on excitement so heading to coast after water recedes. Several communities there have had specified crown reductions; the hypothesis is, they will do better!
Hi there. I´m sure about you are going to be capable to stay in one piece. Some time ago, a frien taled me a history about chainsaw and a body separeted finger, in "tons-of-work-land" after a hurricane.

Please, be safe.