How to choose a Accountant?


Just wondering how you guys go about choosing an accountant? Certain questions you ask etc.

I currently have a family member doing this task of me, but feel it's time to switch it up.



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Do you have a lawyer you are happy with? If so, ask they who'd they recommend. You want the two to get along if the need arises...

Otherwise, I'd be looking for somebody who has a lot of experience with service-based businesses around the size of your business.


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I'd also look for an actual CPA not just an 'accountant'. To many people seem to try to use that if they are just doing book keeping. A good CPA is worth every bit you end up paying them as they really know the tax system and usually end up saving you more than you pay them.

We have a really good one. The way we found him was asking around to friends with other service based businesses that were in different genres.


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Good point fivepoints. My buddy has a small lawn care company and had an “accountant” do his books and fell under the axe of the state when his accountant didn’t give him the right advice. Dude had no insurance so my friend couldn’t really sue him.


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We went to the one my family used for years. When he retired we switched to the firm that bought his. Well it came a time that we were ready to meet to do the taxes/review everything. He asked me if he did our taxes last year and I told him yes I have a copy. He said I don’t have anything on file. That was a sign to switch.
Our new accountant was a referral from a client of mine. He has been awesome.
So to sum this up. Don’t stay with one that looses your files and ask around. Ask people that you trust the most.
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