How to be an Excellent Climber---from the Groundie


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Thanks for the advice Tom. I was in a tree motion. I was thinking of trying a different one but I believe it is from the rubbing and sweat because I climbed in the saddle for 3 years before the issue worsened. I might try and borrow a buddies ergo to see what the results are but if it doesn’t work I’ll succumb to an itchy back once more and that’s not fun
Long ago I developed an allergy to rubber. Not laytex (keep your mind outta the gutter). We are talking about window seals on car/truck windows, inner tubes, etc.. certain soaps make it worse, some cheap gloves, caulk, and adhesive set it off.
Change out the back pad? Try a new tribe? Stitch up a cotton pad to wash regularly? I doubt it’s just sweat and friction
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I chewed while climbing for about a week. I got into the habit of yelling headache everytime I spit, my crew then asked me to stop chewing while climbing because they kept getting chew all over their hands from picking up brush I had spit on so I stopped.

I also spit once with my visor down. You can guess what happened. As you can tell, I'm one of them smart kids you see on the tv

#663- buy the crew lunch once a week!
Be tough and swallow your spit

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All good comments and some quite funny. Basically follow the golden rule and consider what the groundies do for us every day. Oh, and some groundies need to just hump it and shut up! Really, the relationship between a good climber and his team of groundies is like hen's teeth or that one special friend everyone cherishes. Of course the climber should help cleanup. Of course the groundies should use common sense and hustle. We work in a time sensitive business and nobody gets paid till the job is done.

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Go to the bathroom before you climb

Gas and oil your chainsaw before you climb and don't blame the ground men if you don't.

Bring a camelbak or water blader when you are in the bucket, maybe even when you climb dehydration can happen without you knowing it is happening

Have a blessed climb


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If you want your climber to get better at climbing the tree, and less gear dependent, send them up a small smooth barked tree in the rain climbing SRT with no ascenders.

I accidently put myself in this position yesterday, forgot to grab my foot ascender and it started raining, while trimming a couple of young red maples. I'll be doing it again if the opportunity presents itself, it really makes you focus on climbing the tree


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Rope out branches that will land in thicket.

The time we spend rigging will probably be less than the time it takes for the ground guys to hack it up and muscle that shit out while we hang around and twiddle our thumbs waiting for them to clear the dz