How to be an Excellent Climber---from the Groundie

Stop complaining how hot it is in the tree when the ground guys are dragging up hill all day and its 90 degrees out.

P.s. lol I just did this to my guys last week. Had to buy them a beer after work. hahah


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Invest in Coolvests for them. They will buy you a beer, or at least maybe think about it. $200 a pop for greater safety, productivity, and energy left at the end of the day.
Compared to other PPE, cheap. You buy $75-300 chainsaw leg pro that should never be used, only worn, like seatbelts. Coolvests are actively used whenever you're wearing them. No shelf life.


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You might be surprised what a climber can accomplish solo, and with low stress and predictability.

Tie your limbs more toward the middle than the butt, or the butt instead of the middle, or the tip, and be surprised what you can lay down. Its often simpler for me to land a piece that I rigged and cut, than coordinate with a groundie. I may lay down a couple, while he is busy working on something else, then have him come over when I need him, or am ready to change climbing systems, or whatnot. Sometimes the solo cutter-ropeman style is helpful even when you have a groundie.

I do less ground-work at the end of the climb, if I can keep him moving on processing what's already on the ground, while I set, cut, lower, land stuff.

If I have some hangers from free-dropping stuff, I can still lower stuff down without a groundie underneath. I might just need to lower a few things, then get to more free-drop stuff, which can be used to dislodge hangers, or advance my climb line after rigging some things, then descending to free hangers or do some other work with a higher TIP.
My climbing has slowed due to severe eczema. My saddle would leave terrible rashes on my lower back and my dermatologist said if I take taking steroid shots and creams for it I’m gonna be fucked later on. Anyway I was only just good nothing fantastic but I teamed up with a top climber at my tree service and we’ve been working together for six months straight and we get shit done. We need almost no verbal communication even though we bullshit all day on the head sets. And after six solid years of climbing I’m able to give him great advice from the grounds and set rig ropes and climbing lines in other trees. If your able to pair up like this I’d highly suggest it because it makes work so much more fun. Plus we’re planning to try subbing as a two man combo so I’m hopeful to see how that goes.