How bout these for climbing jeans?


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'Ballroom'... that's pretty funny.

I started out in BDU pants but they don't last very long so I switched to AW Tree Climber Pants. I may have to get some Ballroom pants to try out though.
Thats a good thought blinky. I haven't had mine long enough to wear them out. I just dont like denim.
My dickies hold up great but could use a tad more room in the legs. They would last me 2 1/2 years everyday in the log woods and double front carhartts would be trashed by 6 months.

Tom Dunlap

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No patch pockets on the thighs...and they're cotton.

Having six pockets on my ArborWear Tech Pants makes for Macarena-like movements when I look for change, chapstick or chewing gum.


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You should try the AW bib overalls... patch pocket on the chest. Perfect for specs... the reading kind, safety specs won't fit.


I bought the firehose work pants from that Duluth trading. They are much stronger than arborwear so far. I would recommend them.