Help with hydraulic rotation for bucket truck

Lastly here is a picture showing the gear thats being rotated (the smaller gear) I need to remove the entire shaft that is connected to this gear and I dont know how to do that if anyone has any information on how to remove that shaft please teach me! Thank you again in advance for any info God bless you all!


Yes I am going to need to make some repairs there as well just seeking the info I have asked for now only can do one thing at a time. For now do you know how to remove the shaft from that assembly there?


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I'm not familiar with a reach all boom, but my hi-ranger had the gear box go out that rotates the boom. I searched for a replacement and only came up with one source that wanted $11,000 for the gear box. I ended up taking the old gear box out and taking it to a local bearing shop. They remachined the shaft and pressed on all new bearings for $1,000.

That would be my advice is to unbolt the entire assembly and find a shop that capable of rebuilding it. Likely with that crack in the housing it has filled with water seized all of the bearings.


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Has to be some way of adjusting tension for the chain...even nowadays its usually done by moving the whole gearbox assembly, motor and all. The chain can be disconnected by locating the master link; your chain is in rough shape judging by the kinked links. Could just cut it off and replace it. Your broken part is a bearing assembly and what is left of it is on the shaft still. I'm assuming you know that. Small sprocket looks keyed/shear pinned...a 3 jaw puller to yank it off would be my guess if you have the clearance on the back side...are those hydraulic lines twisted around? Looks crowded.
Yeah I thought the same about the lines Ill need to inspect and reorganize them or replace if need. How can I get to the shear pin/key to remove this shaft?
Nobody paid me to take this and yes it does run. It may look like junk to you but I intend on doing great things with the help of this equipment it would be nice if I had some allies who could share helpful information. Tis why I am here to hopefully receive answers to the questions I have. Its ok if you dont have the answers but please dont try and demotivate me from accomplishing something that obviously not many people would even attempt to do.

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Taking on projects like this isn't any different than house flipping or hot rod building.

It can be a money can be a project that turns out perfect.

Like any project the builder has to understand the Ooops Factor!

The concern that I would have with a project like this is the failure of the big components that aren't easily inspected. Has the boom been inspected for cracks? All of the mounting bracketry? Truck frame?
Thank you guys for the help. Overall this truck seems to be in pretty decent shape considering the age. Im going to make sure to get a professional inspection after I do everything I can and Ill go from there. God bless ye folks and I appreciate all the guidance.