helmets for small heads

Hi Ladies, my fiance and coworker is about to blow her top over floppy helmets. she stared out with a simple peltor forestry helmet five years ago and while it fit, she wanted to move up into a newer style and bought a petzl, but it only goes down to 53cm and her head is more like 46. she tried my Kask, but it too is loose on her noggin. she is considering using a womens petzl rock climbing helmet (which even accomodates a pony tail), but the problem is first that it is not rated to meet ansi z-89 and second, it has no place to attach ear muffs, which she prefers to wear over plugs. short of going back to a traditional helmet or willfully using a helmet that is not ansi compliant, do you girls have any ideas?


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I wear a 7-1/8 (57).
My Petzl Vertex Vent requires a soft cloth wrapped around the front head band, after it ran out of adjustment.

My Pacific helmet only goes down to 56. But it fits me.

The Pfanner Protos goes to 6-7/8 (55). It only has one adjustment hole left for me.
However, sometimes on a very hot day I like to tighten the band just a bit to keep it from slipping.

You might have to wear a helment liner, beanie, or watch-cap (e.g. ArborWear).

Don't know if this might negate the helmet rating ? ? ?


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JMO - - - A helmet on the head is better that 1) None or 2) one that got knock off.

I re-checked my Pfanner Protos.
It has lots of unused holes on the headband adjustment strap that potentially could make it much smaller than 6-7/8 (55).
However, you would have to cut off the ends on both side bands where it locks into the back of the helmet.
I can't imagine why the holes are there if they are not to be used.

A) This may “legally” negate the helmet rating.

B) I’d suggest contacting Pfanner directly about this possibility. I’ve contacted them a couple times over the last few years, and they responded within a couple days.

C) Luke at Tree Stuff might be able to expedite the Pfanner inquiry ? ? ?
I have been trying to figure out how samll the protos goes down to. thi information helps- thank you!
I will talk to luke and see if he can help. oh, do you have ear muffs on your protos and if so do you like them?


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Muffs are great. I personally will keep wearing ear plug plus the muffs; just for the extra protection; but that's just me.

I sent an e-mail info request to Pfanner.
But you should follow up on your end !

Ciao for Now ! Greg


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Look for an Ecrin Roc on Ebay, maybe you can find one new in box. Also, the Petzl Alveo goes pretty small compared to the Vertex, that thing is huge.

I've got a small head and can totally relate to the frustration of finding a helmet that fits. Over the years I've tried just about every brand and add on pad or sock hat blah blah. Lately I've given the CT X arbor helmet a try, and I actually fits! I lacks an ANSI stamp of approval but it is CE rated and that's enough for me.
I have been following up on your comments (thank you) and I really like the looks of the CT X arbor helmet and it does go down to 50cm which may be enough. All of the Petzl helemts typically used in tree work dont go small enough, even with the extra padding) but we did check out the Petzl ELIA (specifically designed for women rock climbing)which even accomodates a pont tail and has side adjustments which seem easier to use with long hair. The ELIA goes all the way down to 46cm!the only problem is that it is not rated by ANSI and only CE mountaineering and not industrial. the ELIA is exremely light which is not all that comforting when you think about what we do for a living!


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CT X arbor helmet:
I've got lots of CT gear.
But TreeStuff site says the helmet is not ANSI rated, if you care ?

I'm waiting on Pfanner inquiry.
I don't care too much about the rating; CE is good enough. I asked petzl what goes into their testing process bu have not gotten an answer yet. Even a non rated helmet may be better than a rated one that does not fit properly! thanks for your help and let me know what pfanner says.


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However, I have been hit in the head while on the ground, several times, when limbs were dropped.
In this instance, more/different test methods are probably good.

Expect a Pfanner reply by maybe Wed. ? ? ?


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thanks for your help and let me know what pfanner says.

[/ QUOTE ]

I received two responses from Pfanner:

“If you need a smaller size for Protos we can adjust it to size 50 cm.
No extra costs, but spezial order!
Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best Regards
Alexander Paul
International Sales Manager”

“We have the possibility to double the Klima Air set in the front and back, so it makes the size 2 numbers smaller!
I will send some to Treestuff.”

Not sure what #2 means.

Never got a clear answer to some of my questions; e.g. Can the end of the adjustment band be cut off?; etc.

You just need to call Luke at TreeStuff.


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I just got the CT helmet. It's a nice low profile helmet and fits my girlie head. The reason it's not ANSI rated yet is because of time and cost. It'll probably get rated here and it's rated in Europe anyway.
It fits me the best out of all of them so far. But it's not perfect. I had to stuff extra padding in the front band to keep the hard foam part from digging into my forehead. Maybe I missed an adjustment in there somewhere but I don't think so.
It's really about time helmet makers started making proper helmets for girls heads.
hmmm, protos special order or CT X? I will let you know what she chooses. Don't even get her started about how manufacturers need to make stuff for girls!! did you get the visor and ear muffs too? do you like them?


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More FAT to the fire !

Luke "thinks" the Pfanner reference to "double the Klima Air set in the front and back, so it makes the size 2 numbers smaller", may mean the headband pad(s) on the helmet.

He will let us know when he gets the modifications.

Could this mean 50cm (special) - 2 cm (mod) = 48 cm ? ? ?


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did you get the visor and ear muffs too? do you like them?

[/ QUOTE ]

I have both of the Pfanner visors (coarse & fine) mesh.
They are very light weight.

I think visually I prefer the coarse. However, the coarse is really NOT all that much different that the fine. It just seems to be less "distracting" to me.

I will still wear safety glasses w/ either one, since they are not solid (only mesh).
Several years ago, I lost some vision; I want to keep what's left ! ! !


Note: As I said above, I will also wear ear plugs in addition to the muffs. :)


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did you get the visor and ear muffs too?...

Note: As I said above, I will also wear ear plugs in addition to the muffs. :)

[/ QUOTE ]

I did that double ear pro for a while, too, Greg. I loved it. Kinda felt like I was in my own little world when the muffs went down onto the ears. The ONLY thing I didn't like about it was making sure I didn't knock the plugs out of place as I swung the earmuffs down into place.


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Kask is truly comfortable. Only problem is that it's bulky and wide and I cannot get ear muffs to sit tight enough to my head. So my Kask is reserved for rec climbing only. Which I hardly ever do.