Heavy duty dump trailer, tri singles vs. tandem axle dually

I'm thinking there may be a heavy duty tag along dump trailer in my future. (To tow behind the tree-mek!) It looks like the tandem duallies are more heavy duty, thus making for a much heavier trailer. Not necessarily a problem when towing behind a big truck but if looking for more versatility and wanting to tow it behind a pickup truck occasionally having a trailer that weighs 8000 pounds empty is probably not going to work as well. The tri axle single wheel trailers are definitely lighter but I'm wondering if the tri axle setup is more of a pain when trying to maneuver the trailer (lots of tire scrubbing?)
I think we are in the same boat as most tree workers in that we tend to overload our equipment "sometimes";). I currently have a 14000 GVW equipment trailer that we have had over 20,000 lb of logs on more than once... So I'm thinking I want the payload on this dump trailer to be much closer to 20 plus thousand pounds.
I am not going to get a gooseneck because my primary vehicles for towing this trailer will be my tree-mek or my Ford F800. Towing it with a pickup truck is just a side option, and is really only if my brother (who works with me and handles the firewood side of our operation) is going to borrow it to deliver firewood, since I don't even own a pickup truck! (How many tree workers can say that!)


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I sold my 3 axle equipment trailer last year. It was wearing the tires horible. If i get a dump it will be a dually tandem


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Tri’s also have less stability when loading and trailering wide load. I have a tri axle gooseneck going down the road this year soon. For all the reasons listed above and and balance thing.