Heaving line knot twists - question

Hey guys, I create a heaving line knot, and when I take the wraps around the core, I get twists in the rope - so when I go to heave it, it snags on stuff.

Do you know of any tricks to prevent the rope from twisting while wrapping it?

Tom Dunlap

Here from the beginning
Put up a link to the heaving line knot you're using. It might help

After tying the heaving knot Figure out how much rope you need to throw. Pay that out below you to straighten out the coils. Then carefully coil for throwing. Let the knot hang and give a roll to the rope as you make coils. They should straighten out as you throw


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The rope MUST trap turns in itself whenever it is forced to coil
unless you purposefully command/schedule it not to by:
don't coil and allow rope to self balance (sloppy flake pile of Natural/self equalizing order)
counter twists at each layer
or allowing twists to work (or be combed) off of free end.
But you must prepare for the twists, and purposefully counter the tendency.
myProof: take 1" flat webbing pinch end with thumb of 1 hand into it's palm
take forefinger of other hand and serve the webbing nice and flat around the original hand
>>each motion is constantly trapping twists in to a growing mess
round rope device is approximately same problem, just more witness-able/emphasized in the flat rope /webbing device.
This necessity in heaving line/monkey fist is just 1 example of this attribute.
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Here's what I use most of the time:
What a coincidence, that's what I use all the time too.
Besides the fact that the pinky/thumb wrap does not create twists in the rope, one of the real advantages is that the whole assembly unwraps and allows the snap or carabiner to fall back to you. I find myself doing less rope tricks, sending a loop up over the limb etc to get my attachment point back.
Most of my lanyards now have steel snaps as it allows use with magnets from the magthrow bag as well. The advantages far outweigh the extra weight. Can't say that about the extra 15 pounds I carry under my belt.


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Just for fun, coil a high pressure line from a airless paint sprayer or pressure washer. If you spin the coil with your wrist as you bring it in and carefully spin the coil again as you deploy, you will have no twist. Just knot what I want to do with a climbing line though.

Stephen Moore

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This is why the stuff bag or bucket is preferred over the alpine wrap for easy deployment of a tangle free rope. Every loop made in the alpine wrap imparts a twist. Not a huge deal if you are allowing the rope to dangle because it will untwist itself. But try to lay it in the ground and walk away with it! Not the same outcome!