Has anyone heard of Duratech ???

I’m trying to gather some information on the chipper brand duratech.. it looks like they specialize in larger tub grinders and forestry equipment but I found a good deal on a 12” chipper made by them.

Any info would be awesome. They kind of look like and remind me of a bandit.

There is literally only one video of them on the internet and no one talking about them.
I ended up purchasing the chipper. No where near what the asking price was so I think I got a good deal. I did some chipping today and it seems really nice. Only scary part is it come with a lot of technology and computer components /switches.. we’ll see.
The guy that had it owns a excavation/land clearing company and purchased it on a online auction thinking it was a 20” and he thought he was getting a awesome deal. When it showed up he realized it was only a 12”. He did have a new larger chipper at his shop so his story seemed to add up.

He purchased it less then a year ago from the auction for almost 17k and I was able to pick it up for 15k, so I think it was a good deal and worth the risk of not having much info on the brand.
I’ve been around quite a few chippers and I’m pretty “mechanically handy” I would say. No play in the disc.

I did change out the knives and adjust the anvil. I still consindered the knives pretty sharp but the guy I bought it from insisted they were dull. And wow, I was amazed how much better the chip quality came out of the new knives. It was like night and day...

The engin is 122hp cat c4.4


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Yeah that's an excellent buy.
Keep the knives nice and sharp. Especially on hardwoods. That will put less wear on the disc bearing. It's a good idea to have two sets of knives. Then there is no time pressure on the sharpening shop.


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@Tcemaint; Welcome to the TreeBuzz forum, just in case nobody has said that to you yet. I think you are going to like it here!

Great series of first posts, by the way. Jumping in with both feet, as it were. I look forward to reading more from you.

Thanks Tim,
that’s great to hear. I do get a little nervous posting because I know some forums like to take advantage of the smell of inexperienced questions. Although I’ve been in the Landscape industry for 14 years and have been a part of a lot of Tree Work I still like to ask the questions to build a knowledgeable foundation as if I’m learning it all from the beginning. Incorporating tree service into my Landscape company will hopefully increase profit margins a bit.. at least on the tree service end of things.